There'll always be a way. if you dont take a chance, nothing will begin.


Today I got hit by a wave of Shaman King nostalgia

and I suddenly remembered how much I love this perfect little cupcake.

I did not expect all the feels I got as I saw his 14-years-old self again in Flowers. He’s such an awesome little ray of sunshine to me even after all this time… ;w;

Aaah, I had to take a few breaks between drawing and hide my face in my hands, overwhelmed by his precious smile. <3


Patch Tribe Appreciation Post 3/13 - M a g n a
"As members of the ten judges of the Patch, we will not lay
our hands on the contestants... who came for the Great Spirit."
"You can pretend to be calm, but you can never fool your heart.
The strength of heart is the strength of a Shaman; your only and
absolute power."


El mejor cosplay de Ryu en la vida 


Ryunosuke Umemiya (Bokutou no Ryu)

Okay, in the last photoset I said that the next one would be for 800 followers. But I got too excited and decided to do it for 600 followers… The next poll is up here


And this is how Anna wins.